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Carbon Monoxide Detector


The Carbon Monoxide wireless detector alerts upon the presence of...

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The Carbon Monoxide wireless detector alerts upon the presence of dangerous carbon monoxide. Using electrochemical technology, the unit is capable of sensing carbon monoxide levels as low as 30ppm.
The battery-operated unit includes a built-in siren for audio alert, in addition to the alert generated to the AlarmView panel

Key features

• Sensitivity: certificated standard EN50291
• Detection method: electrochemical CO sensor
• Self diagnostic periodically
• Test button for easy range test and alarm silence
• Randomized supervision signals for trouble free system integrity checking
• Digital signal processing
• Low battery detection
• Double color LED indicator for various status: red for alarm, and yellow for fault and discharge battery
• Built-in siren for audio alert

Technical Specifications

• Power: alkaline AA x 3
• Battery lifespan: more than 2 years*
• Sensor lifespan: 5 years
• Radio frequency: 868 MHz FM
• Measuring range: 0 to 999 PPM**
• Alarm concentration: 30 to 999 PPM
• Response time for different CO concentration:
     o Less than 3min for a concentration of 300 PPM
     o 10 to 40min for a concentration of 100 PPM
     o 60 to 90min for a concentration of 50 PPM
     o >120min for a concentration of 30 PPM
• Alarm sound level: 85dB at 1m
• Self-diagnostic period: every 30 seconds
• Operating temperature: -10 to 45°C
• Humidity: up to 85% non-condensing
• Dimensions: 130 x 100 x 41mm 

*  Battery life is calculated with an average of 1 activation per day
** Range might be impacted by building materials and interferences

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